Ghandi saying

As a Life Coach my purpose is to share my story and help other’s uncover there’s.

Interestingly I have moments where I know I’m not sharing my ‘true’ story, and I am repeating my ‘old’ story.

My old story is made up of beliefs I have learned, experienced, adopted and inherited by those around me. Those around me include the important adults in my life as a child, and the culture and expectations of the environments I have grown up in and am living in today.

My ‘true’ story is represented by my personal journey of self-discovery. A journey where I have challenged myself by questioning what I believe and think about the world around me.

The techniques I have learned through various ‘teachers’ have helped me habitually tune in to what I am feeling, thinking and discerning about the world around me. My teachers are meditators, spiritual teachers, psychologists, media, authors, counsellors, children, family and friends.

By committing to a daily practice of alertness, I am more connected with my true story. My connectedness is possible through being willing to question my opinions and my reactionary thoughts often. Exercising a mind habit of knowing what I am thinking. The muscle of the mind was weak previously regarding noticing what I was thinking. A daily practice of exercising alertness and noticing of my thoughts has strengthened my mind muscle substantially.

In fact, often I now catch myself thinking a thought about a situation that I truly am surprised by.

Recently I was driving along a busy road and noticed an attractive young lady walking along the side of the busy road I was driving on. She was difficult to ignore as it was an early morning and the air temperature was still warming up, and the young lady was wearing a bikini top and a pair of shorts. I noticed her quite quickly and then noticed my thoughts that were quite judgmental. They were not accepting of the young lady’s choice of attire.

The interesting thing about this situation is I had a belief about myself that I am an accepting person and encouraging of individuals expressing themselves in their own way. I believed that it is the individual persons right to dress themselves as they wish and I often have admired those who have been willing to ‘be their own person’.

The revelation for me of this moment in time, as I was driving along the road observing the attractive young lady in her bikini top and shorts, was my ‘old’ story was present and operating. In fact a story I didn’t know I had was operating and making judgment about the event.

In order for me to notice my ‘old’ story playing out I practice mindfulness and begin to truly know my old story. Tuning in to how the mind is interpreting and judging every moment of my life, and what story is actually being told, requires honesty.

My response to my judgment is not to judge myself or to critisise myself, but to acknowledge my thinking, my opinion, my belief and to notice it enough to question it and challenge it.

The thought – belief – will disintegrate over time as I notice it more. It’s an ‘old’ story that is being told, and has held me back in the past and doesn’t represent the truth of how I want to be now. As I uncover my beliefs with a daily attention and practice of mindfulness I am discovering more and more of who I really am and how I really want to be.

As Mahatma Ghandi says, “To believe in something and not to live it, is dishonest.”

I want to live my life honestly, and be true to the person I am rather than the person my ‘old’ story has created.

For further information about how to become more aware of your thoughts and begin to truly ‘hear’ what you believe about yourself and the life around you, please follow the link below to Jon Kabat-Zinn, renouned neuroscientist and mindfulness practitioner’s, website Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction programme – MBSR Introduction to Mindfulness Programme

Thank you for reading my post and I hope it has been of value to you. If you’d like more information or are curious about how a Life Coach can add to your life or would simply like to browse my website please follow the link below.

Love and Light



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