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A Life Coach helps individuals navigate their way to being the truest and most authentic version of themselves.

The goal is to help those wanting a joyful and wonderful life, and wanting support and motivation to reach their goal.

Individuals want to recognise and manage their self defeating personal barriers and limiting beliefs.

A Coach is not a counsellor. A Life Coach works with their client and identifies the current behaviours and thinking which allows changes to occur. The client begins to recognise their limiting beliefs and the restrictions they place on the themselves and what is preventing them to becoming the person they’re truly meant to be.

A little about me:

Being a person who has experienced a huge Life of challenges and successes, it is at this point in my life journey that the opportunity to support and motivate others to achieve their goals and dreams has presented itself. Through a series of events, a zigzag journey has brought me to this very point in time.

Hard work, determination and a focus and need to meet my truest, and best version of myself has me writing about myself in the public arena.

I believe in being honest and being truthful with ourselves. Not lying any longer about who we are and face up to ourselves!! I say this with fierceness and passion, because for too long I wasted my life pretending to be someone I wasn’t. Trying to please others and ignoring my intuition – my gut feeling – being completely disloyal and ignorant to who I was and what I needed!

Finally – one day, I had enough. It was the day after my mother passed away – and my life fell apart!

I was shocked at how affected my life was. My mother lived away and I had little contact with her and a disconnected love lacking relationship, but her passing was devastating for me.

I wasn’t sad that she had died, I was angry!!! I was angry and I didn’t know why:

A few years later and I now know why? I will write about it one day, and share my experience of first visiting a Life Coach and how it changed my life and helped begin my journey of healing and self discovery. It’s definitely not over, and feels a lot like an incoming tide – with waves lapping in and then out.

My work is about elevating others, it’s about allowing people to ‘see’ their lives and what they’ve created. I help people by sharing my truth, by being my authentic and vulnerable self. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and I certainly don’t. But I will help you see yourself and I will help you own and honour your story. By sharing our stories we shine the light and help change each other and those around us, the more the story is spread the better our world can become. The more recovery, healing, love and support the stronger our identities and our belief in ourselves and what we want is. It’s a beautiful chain reaction.

The process of Coaching:

You’ll struggle as you begin to uncover the false story you have created about who you are and how you live and what you believe in. You’ll cry and feel the pain of untruths you have told yourself. But you’ll learn quickly to be okay with the untruths, you’ll learn to love and accept the truer version of yourself, the authentic version and the happier more joyful version of yourself.

I offer a 30 minute free coaching session if you’re not sure if coaching is for you. I don’t make any promises and do not have any expectations. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But, I ask you to question why you don’t want to do something that actually might make your life more of what you want it to be.

Love and light

Nicole – Professional Life Coach and Employment Consultant

For more information:

Go to Life Coach Tasman Website where you’ll find an array of topics including How a Life Coach can transform your life in a way you never believed possible, and how being still and calm can help you manage the challenges of life and ride the waves of stress using Mindfulness techniques.


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